| November 1, 2016



When leaves turn from yellow to red I turn from red into brown. Of some sort. But not just yet.

Nowadays we spend our lives doing so many things, but seeing and appreciating nature around us has remained a “pièce de résistance” of our days.

It’s the season when both nature and people change. Usually people turn into moody, bad-mannered, impatient characters, while nature becomes more beautiful and colorful every day. I guess we cannot have them all blend in a harmonious way all the time.

I am grateful for autumn as it brings me:

  • chestnuts
  • warm soups
  • sleeping on a rainy afternoon
  • planning winter trips
  • layering
  • board game nights
  • grapes
  • sweaters
  • cocooning in bet watching series
  • mucho hot chocolate


Photos by Dan Gheorghe in the vineyards, in Lavaux.

Leaves1 Leaves2 Leaves3 Leaves4Leaves5Leaves6 Leaves7Leaves8Leaves9

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