| November 6, 2016

Lady Tremaine


Or the Wicked Stepmother of Cinderella, as she is more commonly known.

I have always had issues with finding a spot of my own and feeling very comfortable. I always fidget and move and feel uncomfortable when I am in a new place, surrounded by what I find awesome people and far smarter than me. I am a little bit explaining my school experience here I guess. But since that is long gone, and I don’t mean that I haven’t enjoyed this period, it just wasn’t always the easiest, I am almost over my issues.

I have always asked myself: will I be successful, will I work in a hotel, do I do enough, am I sacrificing enough for what I need, should I change my hair colour, am I spending enough time with my parents, am I influencing my sister, how can I change the world, what can I invent to be unique. This until the day when I decided I just don’t need questions. I am my own person, I am funny and I love things others find old fashioned. I am a very demanding manager and I love, love long weekends even though I am a workaholic. What can I say, got too many ideas I want to come to life.

Figured a stroll in the forest on high-heels would be the best illustration of how I felt at some point in my life. I went on to find the ginger house and found Magda.


Photos by Dan Gheorghe in the Chalet-a-Gobet forest, just so my school years can come back to me to the fullest.

Wicked-Witch1“I am not ready yeeeeet”

Wicked-Witch2 Wicked-Witch3 Wicked-Witch4“Are you done yet? freeeziiing”








Wicked-Witch12“So bored at this point”


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