| November 15, 2016

Weekends are for fresh air


My weekends are for fresh air. I used to say weekends are for parties. I am surely getting older and my habits go bananas. But how about working in a cool place in the mountains? I am not promoting workaholics and working over weekends, but sometimes, c’est la vie. As is my case more often than not.


Not many know much about Romania or at least not positive things. Few don’t even know where to place it on the map. There are a few famous things about the country, one of which is the amazing campaign AirBnB just did with Dracula’s Castle. So yes, Transylvania is damn famous. Clubbing, gorgeous women and mountains are a few other things we are famous for. Super talented people are the cherry on top. But more about those, some other time.

Every time I go to Romania for work I try to combine it with a weekend getaway somewhere. We are currently rebranding and this takes a lot more work that we had on our hands, so weekends become work days, in fancier ways. Breaza is the first go to destination in Romania. One hour away from Bucharest, it has the freshest air in Romania and really nothing to do, but sleep and work, and sometimes 5 minute walks around the house you live in, as it is damn cold each season. As they say, great things come in small doses. That’s my fresh air intake that lasts for a month afterwards.

Weekends-are-for-fresh-air-2 Weekends-are-for-fresh-air-3 Weekends-are-for-fresh-air-4

I love it here and I love working with a cup of coffee in my pyjamas and look out the window and see tons of trees and greenery. And now back to work in our Lausanne office. Which is also pretty as we have tons of mint pots outside our windows.

Check it out.


Photos by Dan Gheorghe in Breaza (Prahova county) Romania.

Weekends-are-for-fresh-air-5 Weekends-are-for-fresh-air-6Weekends-are-for-fresh-air-7 Weekends-are-for-fresh-air-8

BreazaHouse_outsideBreazaHouse_kitchen3 BreazaHouse_kitchen2BreazaHouse_kitchen

BreazaHouse_living room2 BreazaHouse_living room  BreazaHouse_staircase

BreazaHouse_inside2 BreazaHouse_inside Breaza_inside


Pictures at Zaivan, in Breaza, Romania

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