| November 20, 2016

Holidays in Bucovina


As native Romanians, both Dan and I, have always wanted to grow our business there and to do as much as we can to be active on the market in Bucharest. Hence, we go quite often to Romania and have a team of people we work with on our projects for Minthical. Our friends kept telling us stories about their holidays in Bucovina, the land of monasteries in the north-eastern Romania.

 As we had to sort some more of the never-ending legal aspects of our business in Romania, we decided to prolong our trip in October and visit Bucovina as well. I haven’t been there since I was very young and have always wanted to return.

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Traveling in Romania can be quite time-consuming due to the nature of our roads, however, when you reach your destination, wonders await. Bucovina is famous for its hand-painted 16th-century monasteries. The frescoes feature portraits and scenes from the Bible, Romania being a very orthodox country. The best-preserved ones are located in Humor, Moldovita, Patrauti, Probota, Suceava, Sucevita, and Voronet. Most of these have been placed on the UNESCO World Heritage list earlier on.

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Bucovina is situated in between mountains, hills and rivers making it a very picturesque area. Food here is amazing and still very traditional. I recommend “supa Radauteana” (soup from Radauti) a chicken and sour cream traditional soup invented in a city called Radauti. Its cousin, the famous Romanian tripe soup should also be on your list, but those who cannot bare the idea of tripes on your plate, the soup from Radauti is similar in taste and texture, minus the tripes. The traditional “sarmale”, stuffed cabbage rolls with minced meat, are a must-have. Whatever you do, you should not miss the large variety of mushroom dishes prepared in this area. Mushrooms in any forms and shapes: pickled, in soups, in stews, grilled, in meat balls and whatever other combination you can image. Mushrooms here grow naturally in the area, are not treated with any chemicals and are worldwide famous.


Four days are just enough to get an idea of the area and experience the traditional way of living, a healthy environment populated by the nicest and most helpful people you can get in our country. A week would bring you in a state of floating over the world and let’s admit, we all love it.

If you want a different holiday, maybe it’s high time you visited Romania too.

Below you have a salt mine which functions until today

Bucovina16 Bucovina17 Bucovina18 Bucovina18 Bucovina19 Bucovina20 Bucovina21 Bucovina22 Bucovina23 Bucovina24 Bucovina25



Photos by Dan Gheorghe



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