| November 25, 2016

Le job


My morning look ladies and gentlemen. Suave and gorgeous, incomparable. Oh goodie goodie!

Ha! Ha! The joke is on me.

This is how I look like after a day of work, million of crazy emails, two calls I try very hard to avoid sometimes and too many social media comments.  Looks like I never heard of a comb, iron or lipstick. The damn flower is plastic and also looks dead! (not proud of plastic flowers, too cold to go get real ones in the morning, excuse moi people)


One more day is over! Everybody ran away from the office at 6.01 pm and I need to take my own pictures! Let’s see who gets a bonus this year! Ha! Ha!


Yeah, I am getting comfortable here. Off with the jacket, yeah, yeah! Uhlala!mickey-2

I fucked this one up. Guess I wanted you to see the similarity between our noses. Ouep Oeup!

Le back. Safer!mickey-4 mickey-5

ye ye yeeeee!

I turn around! At this point I see people. Many people! Flashes! Paparazzi!

Wohoo! Many kisses to you all!

Was a mirage. Still just me! And myself clicking to get these flashes.

Gave over!

Until tomorrow! (Definitely need a comb and a livelier flower – help anyone?)


Photos by moi in the Minthical office after work, one of these days.

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