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Most of the stories we read are of people who fall in love with each other. But what about the other people? The ones that fall in love alone? In love with nature, in love with things around them, activities, shoes, a movie, hats, dresses, music, themselves? In which category do these fall? I don’t know if this is love or just a reaction on the spur of the moment.

I have been told I am trigger-happy. I react violently to all new ideas, I get overly excited and only the idea of a super cool article I read on the Internet, can make my day. And as ideas flow a lot in my mind I get overly happy for nothing most of the time. Last time I got happy was when I received a new pair of socks. Nothing special socks, just socks. I could already see them in many outfits and well, they were new.

I was very happy when I managed to shoot my own pictures, even the ones with my face inside them. Might not yet be the best ones, but I am learning and loving it. And I reached a level where I don’t shoot 200 and choose 2 that could work. I shoot 100 and like at least 25 of them. Pas mal!

#happy, even if my lipstick goes bananas in these images

Trigger-happy actually means – ready to react violently, especially by shooting, on the slightest provocation.

I am not shooting anybody, I promise. But I do act on my ideas and things that make me happy. And I try to make them happen and last longer. Or get as many happy moments to last for a life time. I do hope you can all find your trigger-happy moments and be happy, always, most of the time, out of nothing.

Trigger-happy-2 Trigger-happy-3 Trigger-happy-4 Trigger-happy-5 Trigger-happy-9 Trigger-happy-10 Trigger-happy-11 Trigger-happy-13 Trigger-happy-108 Trigger-happy-109 Trigger-happy-1Trigger-happy-15



Photos by moi in the Minthical office. Wearing a LeTom hat.

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