| December 2, 2016

Cruella De Vil


This was the first time that I am taking and wannabe editing my own pictures. Which comes pretty handy when you are all alone and think aloud:

  • Independent all the way, no? I get to boss myself around for a change (between you and me, feels weird and awesome at the same time)
  • I was supposed to work on our latest project, but hey, look, some clothes there!
  • I also say no to Cruella’s lovely dogs.
  • And I say NO to real fur, unless you have inherited it. Which was my case. Would not want to see anything, but a 100 year old animal, on your shoulders ladies, if even that.
  • I don’t get cigars, but oh so sexy!!! ( the one in the image did not make it till the end – Cruella de Vil style)
  • Magda de Wil sounds quite nice.
  • Yes to tights. With funny print, and bubbles. And white ones. Oh and blue. Red too! Yes red!!
  • I will say yes to high heels as well. As often as it makes sense. Do not abuse though. And please, please not in the mountains! Why, why on snow? What’s wrong with a a cool pair of Timberlands or Uggs? There are so many options against high heels in the chalet.
  • Art deco. Want more art deco everywhere.
  • Yes to the 20-30s
  • Mirrow, Mirror of the sofa, who is the Cruellaest of them all? Mee! Meee!
  • I really look like Cruella with these dots on my coat
  • Does this orchid look like it wants to get away? To the left, to the left, all the orchids go to the left.

cruella-de-vil-14-of-27cruella-de-vil-5-of-27 cruella-de-vil-6-of-27


Here you can see I am a thinker. Lost in my thoughts! Lost, very lost!
cruella-de-vil-9-of-27 cruella-de-vil-10-of-27

Even though I was boiling, oh so chilly in this picture! cruella-de-vil-11-of-27 cruella-de-vil-12-of-27 cruella-de-vil-15-of-27cruella-de-vil-16-of-27cruella-de-vil-18-of-27 cruella-de-vil-19-of-27 cruella-de-vil-20-of-27 cruella-de-vil-21-of-27 cruella-de-vil-22-of-27

The ceiling looks pretty cool from down here.
cruella-de-vil-23-of-27 cruella-de-vil-24-of-27

“The puppies, darling. I have no use for babies.”cruella-de-vil-26-of-27 cruella-de-vil-27-of-27


Photos by Cruella de Vil in the Minthical office on a Saturday.

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