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Walking alone one evening in Lausanne, I started to notice the city in a different way. People walk very fast, never look at you unless they stare helplessly. Perhaps I gave them reasons, but this was one evening when I just wanted to be with my music and sense of observation. I was hunting for inspiration, if I want to be very honest.

I noticed a few aspects I probably knew before, but have never given them much importance or made the time to talk about these:

  • There are a million nine hundred a thousand and five hair saloons. I will never understand this need!
  • There are a bit less nail saloons and beauty parlours, but still quite a lot.
  • Tons, but tons of shops that have clothes or beauty products, a mix of brands we don’t necessarily know, but quite affordable. Given how expensive rents are in Switzerland I am always surprised by how these last so long.
  • Many kebab places. These would probably deserve a tasting and article on the blog. In 2018 when I am done tasting them all, you will read the article here. I am actually excited about this discovery. And no, I don’t eat only flowers and grass as it’s trendy nowadays.
  • Maaaaany bars and cafés. OMG so excited about this! It is unbelievable how many I discovered and have never seen before. Bars in old buildings, with different themes, people working on their computers at 7pm and at the table nearby people eating. I just loved the crazy appearance, I loved window gazing at happy people inside, just like in an old Christmas movie. Until they spotted me and then it all felt awkward.
  • I have discovered some vintage furniture shops and my antennas went high at that moment. Have also seen some cool stuff in the display. I will be in the area more often for sure!
  • Every road you take, you end up in the same place. This is exhilarating!
  • Walking is the best unwinding trick after a hard day at work. You step the stress away, if you know what I mean.

Try it some time! I am sure you will see life in your city from a different perspective.


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Photos by Dan Gheorghe on a second unwinding walk through Lausanne.

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