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Before the holidays I’ve decided I needed to go shopping. My idea was not accepted very positively, so I was challenged to do so without a budget. “Why don’t you go shopping in your own closet and see if you can find items to mix and match a new look and save money?”

Challenge accepted! So half way through our work day, I’ve decided I needed a break and go shopping.

How can one shop without a cart? This was very easy to do as we always get carts to carry stuff back so it was waiting for its chance to go shopping. Wohoo the cart said! Until it changed its mind.

I took my cart quickly and went shopping in my own closet. Could’t have done it all alone and I needed a girl’s opinion. So I took Jagoda with me to help me choose. And obviously to take some pictures as proof that I have indeed shopped with no budget. So all the posts you see in the next weeks will be my own after days of hunting.

I have always wanted to do that! Finally got the chance to carry myself in the cart. Shopping 1 Shopping 2 Shopping 3

We have decided we should start with shoes. Shoes can be very easily mixed and matched and can turn a plain outfit into something awesome. Plus you can sparkle things around very easily!Shopping 4

As any girl, I could not make up my mind and did not know how an office look can be more glamorous so I put both. Double trouble!
Shopping 5 Shopping 6

I was very satisfied with my choice. As you can obviously see. And I must admit, it is very comfortable to sit in a cart. I guess that’s why these always get so full when you go shopping.Shopping 7

Up until the point when I was told to get up so we can match shoes with a bag. People, don’t buy too many things using these carts.  These are NOT very reliable. And no, don’t say it, I am not too heavy for them! I am awesome and slim and a princess. That’s it. I accept no other comments.Shopping 8

Jagoda, is this ok? I had some new Vaketta bags I never wore, so, why not now?Shopping 9 Shopping 10 Shopping 11

Until I found a very good use for these bags! Shopping 12 Shopping 13 Shopping 14 magda-shoppingshoes081216_18 Shopping 16 Shopping 16

My point is, let’s try for a month to mix and match items from our closets and make a mix we don’t normally do. Let’s dare more and be unique in our own way, regardless of fashion and trends. Be awesome and do it with your own resources. We don’t need new items each day, we need new ideas and courage.

Food for though for a new year’s resolution?


Migros cart with Vaketta bags. Photos by Jagoda Wisniewska.


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