| December 11, 2016

Minthical Launch party

On Heels

Before we all go on holidays I wanted to share with you Minthical . It has become part of our lives only recently. We felt the need to change from DGdesign into Minthical as the name and previous branding was not supporting our new lifestyle and ambitions. We wanted bigger, better and more, so we worked all summer to get it.

Minthical 17Baby grew into a toddler and what a beautiful one it is. We are very proud of Minthical, but let’s not forget our Minthy mascot. Our baby has someone to play with! A fun one this Minthy of ours!

Minthical comes from Mint and Mystical/Mythical and together form something fresh and cool that is meant to last forever and travel in time. Quality over quantity and happy thoughts over anger and frustration.

I believe it describes very well what and who we are. A young professional team, eager to reach the highest peaks and last over time. We are passionate about what we do and love every moment of our jobs. We are there to inspire others to dare and live to the fullest. We are a happy and hard-working team and you will hear more from us soon!

This is how the office usually looks like, before we moved everything around for the party. A successful one I might add. People left happy and feedback was very positive so we might consider doing this once a year. At least! Good times are always welcome!

Check us out below and Happy Holidays to you all!

Minthical 16 Minthical 15 Minthical 14

Preparations in progressMinthical 13 Minthical 12Minthical 11 Minthical 10 Minthical 9 Minthical 8 Minthical 7 Minthical 6

Almost ready!m-party-launch011216_19 Minthical 5 Minthical 4

We are enjoying now! So we kind of forgot about taking pictures. Minthical 3Minthical 2

And yes, I am Cruella and I need to sit down! Minthical 1


For all those who asked:

Flowers and the entire decoration were made by Romina from RFBloom.

Catering (just the food) was made by the amazing Pietro from Gioia Mia.

Cupcakes and cookies by Cuppin’s, as always.

Macarons from LaDurée; I guess that was pretty obvious.

Photobooth by the Sharingbox. Big hit of the night!

Photos by Jagoda Wisniewska in our Minthical office before and after the launch party.

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