| December 22, 2016

Empowering women


Let’s fight for us, ladies!

But first, coffee!

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I have received a few questions regarding this blog lately and the most common one was why? Why did you make a blog? I cannot always have a very good answer and sometimes I am very sure of the reasons while sometimes I challenge them. So my answers change according to that. What I know for sure is that I like it and it has not as yet been a hassle or just another task, like the millions I have at work daily.

I have discovered with it that all the fears I had and I usually claim out loud were actually deeply rooted in there, but were not as important as soon as I made some aspects of them public. Once I see them written down or in pictures, they don’t bother me at all anymore. If anything, this blog has been a cure for some of the problems or flaws I saw in myself and it has pushed me to see deeper and search for other aspects that actually define who I am.
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So the parts about my looks, weight, nose, damn hair that never stays in place, or whatever else I sometimes come up with. These were just a fad. A craze that comes and goes, and I hope it slowly all goes away, as I grow and become whatever I become. I take it all in and see the positive behind it all. How else can one survive the days we live in? How else can I work and meet the deadline if I get lost in minor details?

I acknowledge them all and move on. For the moment I moved on to warmer places!vigie-7 vigie-58 vigie-59 vigie-60 vigie-61 vigie-62 vigie-67

Go through the city with flowers on top of your head and a crazy makeup, on a Sunday at 2pm and don’t give a shit!

And as a wise person told me recently, “aim high with your blog!”

I promise I will with everything!


Photos by Dan Gheorghe.

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