| January 10, 2017

Arriba, Arriba! Andale Andale!


As Speedy Gonzalez would say! It’s exactly what I said when Mexico came up as a potential destination for our holiday.

Dan and I took three weeks of “workliday” (work+holiday), with work in the mornings and going crazy the rest of the day. I must say, working from the jungle is challenging due to WiFi conditions, but is damn awesome! My new years resolution is to travel at least three times in awesome places and work from the beach. Well one of my many things on the list.

Time zone has also helped us as we had to rise early to check and answer emails and from 10-11 work was over and we could sleep on the beach.

The 8 days we spent in Mexico were spent between Cancun and Tulum. The majority in Tulum and wish we had even more days available to see more of what we wanted to see.


We mostly transited Cancun so we have been here for two days. The beach is great with very soft sand. But apart from that there is nothing else really spectacular. It is very Americanized and has kind of lost its charm.

mexico-5 mexico-8 mexico-9 mexico-11 mexico-24 mexico-26

We came down on the beach one morning to see the sunshine.


Tulum on the other hand is much more wonderful than I would have imagined. It is a few hours away from Cancun and we took a bus to get there. We had a hotel on the beach and stayed in an awesome cabana.

mexico-64mexico-14 mexico-17 mexico-18 mexico-20 mexico-22

While the beach is awesome and you feel like in a lost Paradise in Tulum, I highly recommend visiting archeological sites around Tulum or even further, see a few parks and dive in a cenote. You won’t find anything better than cenotes.

Coba and Chichen Itza archeological sites

mexico-28 mexico-31 mexico-32 mexico-33 mexico-34 mexico-38 mexico-41 mexico-77 mexico-78

Sian Ka’an

mexico-67 mexico-68 mexico-69 mexico-70 mexico-71

Punta Laguna

mexico-42 mexico-44 mexico-46 mexico-48 mexico-49 mexico-50 mexico-52 mexico-55

Cenotes (X’kekén in our case)

mexico-89 mexico-94


mexico-58 mexico-59 mexico-60 mexico-62 mexico-81 mexico-83 mexico-87 mexico-88 mexico-99

What more can I say?

I will publish a list of tips in the next days.


Photos by moi with my phone. Will publish soon the GoPro videos.

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