| January 12, 2017

Twenty Seventeen


Already a few days passed in the New Year and I have a feeling that 2017 is almost ready. People went back to their usual tasks, to their daily chores and forgot all about the holidays euphoria, the craziness at the end of the year and all the promises they have made to themselves and each other. All the high hopes they all had from the holidays, from the end of a year and the start of a new one, giving us the opportunity to leave a life with less regrets, to enjoy more and be happier.

What does this mean? Does this mean that we are good and hopeful a few days per year when religion or whatever other external factor demands it? Or does it mean that we just don’t know any more how to really enjoy anything? Looking around me and speaking to just a few people this year so far, I have realized, sadly, that this is true. People have no desire to move forward as this would mean more work, do not want days to pass as this means Monday comes again and got to go to work and try to avoid other colleagues as possible.

Whatever happened to dropping in unannounced to your neighbours and leaving the place at the wee hours of the morning? Where is the music, the constant hums and the continuous smiles that I as a child still had and have faint memories of these? The getting ready for the sake of it and not because the people on the street will look at me like a freak? Or simply just not giving a fuck and enjoying life as it comes?

It is a sad realization to find yourself back into civilization, with the heart full of wonders and music from a long awesome holiday and not feel like you belong anymore. No, not belong. Belong is a heavy word. Feel content with the way this society is managing itself and the direction that it takes.

When I chose this title for this article, its direction was supposed to go into a list of wishes and desired for Twenty Seventeen. I realized it will be shorter to complain about society and people around me that to write my endless list. Which gives me so much hope and desire to achieve extraordinary things right now, more that actually writing my list down.

I want a lot, I am going to work for them and achieve more that I have actually dared to dream when 2016 left us and turned a year older. And right now I want to feel pretty and be different and wear different crazy things. So I keep myself happy and block these negative feelings. Playing dress-up. I am wearing my new G.Gagnebin & Cie watch. Yes, I am out of my 30-day no shopping month!

Cheers to wishes coming true this year! Twenty Seventeen feels like an extraordinary one! Enjoy people!

gagnebin-42 gagnebin-43 gagnebin-44 gagnebin-45 gagnebin-47 gagnebin-48 gagnebin-49 gagnebin-51 gagnebin-52 gagnebin-55 gagnebin-56 gagnebin-57 gagnebin-58 gagnebin-59 gagnebin-60 gagnebin-67 gagnebin-74 gagnebin-84 gagnebin-86 gagnebin-94 gagnebin-97gagnebin-102gagnebin-101

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Photos by moi. Wearing G.Gagnebin & Cie. watches.

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