| January 19, 2017

On top of the world


How does it feel to be on top of the world? Perhaps only if you are an astronaut you could answer this question. Otherwise, i highly doubt it. Not because we cannot be on top of our own world, but I think very few people see themselves on top. Of their own life, that is.

I don’t really know what I feel, but I like it where I am and what I am doing and would not change. I am at a place in my life where I dream a lot and get new projects to work on, making my dreams come true, but I also work a bit more than I probably should and have less time for fun stuff. And it’s so exciting to be able to develop and create new things every day. They are not necessarily all very creative and cool, but they are different.

Top of the world for me is to be doing what I want, never get too bored (some tasks do get annoying) and being able to see the world and scratch off our world map more and more every time. I have a thing with lists and with crossing items off. I get a tremendous feeling of satisfaction and accomplishment.

So I am climbing a few more steps towards my top:

  • Visit Cuba
  • See Mexico
  • Shooting at the Botanical Gardens
  • Make time to call Elise
  • Visit Scotland with Claudia
  • Finish the three projects started last year for Minthical
  • Finish Minthical website
  • Re-arrange closet so I can finally find my things
  • Finish decorating the new place
  • Finish the painting
  • Open a new office for Minthical
  • Change my bag (I always tend to use the same one) I changed it for a Vaketta one

When I am done crossing all, I will be back on the peak. Until then , I jump happily.

Oh, these are just for January – no pressure

On top of the world 1 On top of the world 2 On top of the world 3 On top of the world 4 On top of the world 6 roof-34 On top of the world 7 On top of the world 8 On top of the world 9 On top of the world 10 On top of the world 11 On top of the world 12 On top of the world 13 On top of the world 14 On top of the world 15


Photos by Dan Gheorghe taken at a time when there was no snow on the roof yet, wearing two Vaketta bags. Yeah!

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