| January 30, 2017

Cienfuegos and Trinidad


I have decided to write about the last two destinations together as we were not particularly fond of Cienfuegos and there really isn’t much to say about the city. Apparently it is one of the cleanest in Cuba. I am not sure if this is really true, as when we arrived some city festivities were taking place and everybody was on the streets. We found it difficult to find a restaurant in the evening. If you want to go to the beach or the botanical gardens you have to drive for 20km which we did not really want after so much traveling. One day is more than enough in Cienfuegos, as it is not touristic and you can see a bit better a Cuban city and their life.

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Trinidad on the other hand, has raised our moods again. It is a beautiful colonial city, with very colourful buildings and cobble stone streets. You will not find shops to buy water or something else, but there are many restaurants and tiendas with souvenirs and traditional clothes. There is a very cool museum in an old colonial house with a tower from where you can see the entire tower. And a cathedral, which reminded me a lot of the Spanish ones. It is very touristic, but it does not overwhelm you and you still see a very good mixture of tourists and locals.

We arrived here on the 31st and the city was going crazy. Tons of people on the streets, the market was on and farmers were selling their fruits and vegetables, as well as raw meat in the middle of the streets. Pork, in particular, as this is the traditional New Year’s Eve dish; pork roast with yuca, a sort of potato, but longer and whiter, which tasted like a pear and a potato combined together and the always-there rice.

We had dinner at our host and then went on for drinks on the streets. The streets were full of happy people, some trying to get into restaurants and the rest drinking on the streets. At midnight we were all in the central square and celebrated. You must know that all restaurants close shortly after and people head home. The next day restaurants open late, if they do, and you will not be able to have lunch in too many places. We had issues finding one at 1.30 pm that served food. But in the evening things went back to normal.

Trinidad-1 Trinidad-3 Trinidad-4 Trinidad-6 Trinidad-19 Trinidad-20 Trinidad-23 Trinidad-25 Trinidad-27Trinidad-28 Trinidad-29 Trinidad-31 Trinidad-32 Trinidad-34Trinidad-38 Trinidad-39 Trinidad-46 Trinidad-47 Trinidad-49 Trinidad-53 Trinidad-57

We have also chosen to take a ride on the horse and see the surroundings of Trinidad and visit sugar cane,  coffee and animal farms, as well as the waterfalls in the area. This was amazing, the views were incredible and the roads challenging on a horse, making them even more beautiful. I can say I was very proud of how everything turned out.

Trinidad-59 Trinidad-62 Trinidad-68 Trinidad-73 Trinidad-75 Trinidad-80 Trinidad-81 Trinidad-82 Trinidad-87 Trinidad-88 Trinidad-89 Trinidad-90 Trinidad-92 Trinidad-97 Trinidad-99

I highly recommend Cuba and all its wonders!


Photos by moi with my phone

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