| February 7, 2017

Stop the cyberbullying!


I am sure I am one of the many Romanians abroad suffering because of what happens in our country. Heck, all over the world lately! Whatever we all believe in, bullying is NOT the answer for anything!

My message below is for all those who use mean words, fists and hands and not their brains! Let’s not become a mediocre population and rise above. At least slightly! Let’s all be calmer. Fight for a better world or whatever you all care about, but calmer.

I will not allow any rude comments and I will for sure not allow any bullying on my social networks. I welcome and hope you all say what you gotta say, but in a nice way!


Commonly understood, but highly violent! A complete NONO!




This is a sign of weakness, not power!


This goes to all those who cyberbully!


Bullying is the devil! Avoid it!


aaa … confused!

Stop07 Stop08

Girl power! Peace power! A better world!


Photos by Jagoda Wisniewska

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