| February 10, 2017

The girl with the red rose


I am still not over my euphoria and my dreaminess from the holidays. So many things have happened in just over three weeks, we have seen so many interesting places and met so many cheerful people that stories would never end. I would be able to write my next articles with all the ideas I got from my holidays. Maybe I will!

One story does stick to my mind more often than others, or perhaps it was the most unexpected at its time and that’s why I remember it the most. Or it’s just me overreacting as usual and turning mosquitoes into horses (this is a pure translation from Romanian), but hey, what would my life be without my passion? Probably shit.

When leaving Miami to go to the airport and fly to Cuba, we left our hotel room at 4am and ordered an Uber. While waiting, people were still heading home from their parties or still partying. I must say it’s super hard to wake up so early on holiday and then witness happy people on the streets. Thanks God we were going towards a new place and not home just yet.

Next to us another couple was waiting for their Uber, while fore playing for what was to come next (or at least that is what it looked like to me). When after 10 minutes they finally noticed they were not alone and their Uber was approaching, stopped and moved towards the car. They entered the car when the girl stormed out of the car, started calling me and gave me one of the three roses she was holding. The rose made me smile more than if Dan would have given this to me but her reluctance to leave before she conveyed her message was the cherry on the cake.

What she had to say before leaving was: “Make love! Morning and night! Every day! Seriously! Morning and night. Don’t let a day pass!”

I promised her I will! And took the rose with me until the airport. Where I gave it to our Uber driver.

How many of you still make love?

Miami-24 Miami-28

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