| February 14, 2017

I need to put a face on


I recently witnessed a conversation between two girl friends talking about their morning routine, make-up obviously. The phrase that stuck with me was “I need to put a face on before I leave the house in the morning.

I like makeup, but I don’t have patience half an hour each morning to put it on. At least not the full option tuning.  I prefer less makeup on a daily basis, but I love, love dramatic makeup and the stories that come up through it. A paradox I know.

What concerns me, however, is the fact that so many people nowadays feel that they cannot get out of the house or show their face with no makeup. Has the word become so shallow that only perfect skin, huge eyes and a million lashes look great and seem beautiful?

I am determined to search for beauty behind makeup and I really want to change my own perception of what can be beautiful. I also think sometimes that I cannot show my face or take a picture and post it unless it is perfect, which is stupid. Why would I need to hide who I normally am on a daily basis? I will show beauty through what I do and like and I will from now on never feel uncomfortable with who I am. It does not happen often, but it does.

I started this morning at 7.30 am when the mailman came to bring some parcels. After that, I put makeup on. For this shooting:)

Look at me!face-26

Yes, yes I know you want to hug me too. Not now. Focus!face-28

Yeeees, I know I ate my lipstick. Didn’t you know I always wanted to have purple skin?face-34

Look into my eyes and image…


Look some more. No, not at my makeup. The EYES!

Yeah, look deeper and let’s connect!face-7

Can you read my mind now?face-8

Really, you could have paid more attention! Connection is totally lost.

Look at my face! Now I am putting a spell on you. face-10

Like this!face-11

And like this!face-12

No way back!face-13What’s your name?

Mission accomplished!

Next step will be this. Maybe.


Photos by moi.

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