| February 21, 2017

People watching


One of Dan’s and my idea of spending time, especially on holidays is to watch people. When we sit somewhere on a bench or are at the beach and don’t feel like talking about anything in particular, we like to look at people and try to understand their behavior and what they are like. It is most entertaining as we try to go deep in our analysis and guess people’s personality and way of thinking, just by the few actions they do. Sometimes we also ease drop and then our reflections really get a good basis.

It must sound weird, but I am sure that most of us do it, even unconsciously. It is in our nature as humans to be curious and check other people out. We never watch people to judge them, but we feel this is a good exercise to learn more about people, to read people easier and it is also a way I guess for the two of us to know better and see how we both react. It definitely helps us when we meet clients and try to understand their needs and decide what services to propose them and how. This is the most important part. By learning how to read people, you also learn what to say and how.

When we are in a new city we like to try and guess who is a tourist and who’s local and guess where people come from, perhaps what they do and how they feel at that moment. People speak to you so much when they simply walk by and I find it quite fascinating. I also look at how people dress and obviously find some inspiration from their style. It also makes me more aware of the world around me and helps me become more tolerant and try to think more of others and their needs.

Try it sometimes. It can be quite soothing to be able to spend some time alone, just watching others and not feel awkward, as we all tend to feel when we are alone in a public place. I guess it’s a bit like bird watching, with less feathers.

Yes, I know I should comb my hair more often. But for people watching is just perfect. Incognito!


Photos by Jagoda Wisniewska

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