| February 27, 2017

My crazy hair


Hair is a funny thing. A crazy funny thing. And yes, I used “is”. Hair has no plural in English. I go crazy when I see “them” in relation to hair.

Fuzzy, never sitting in place, falling all over the place and changing colour when you least want it to. Gets dry, then oily, grows at a snail’s speed when you need it to be long and then you must cut it every month to keep it healthy. A paradox really!  I am not particularly fond of mine and I definitely hate brushing it in the morning when it is all tangled up. I can’t complain about the quantity, but the density is definitely an issue. My hair is thin and my scalps looks half emptier than it actually is.

All in all, I hate crazy hair and I am not fond of always having to arrange it every morning. So especially on very busy days, I admit, I rather not have to do much to it in the morning. Can’t spend my days curling or straightening it, sometimes even brushing it for that matter. That’s it, I am a lazy bitch, but my bitch title requires some fancy shmansy-ness overall. Can’t rule without awesomeness!

So I went for healthy! Very healthy if I can get it. Since I am changing colours so often, I also need to care for it more. Volume is what I desperately need. Again my laziness takes over and I care for it once a week, sometimes twice. I obviously wash my hair, as hopefully all people do, and when I do I use a shampoo, a mask and conditioner. But apart from that, I use a mask before washing my hair, once a week when I get the time. I leave in some oil for at least 20 minutes, and this always while I shmansy something else on myself, and then wash it as usual.

When I was younger I was leaving olive oil in my hair, but I am not happy with it anymore, so I needed a few more ingredients in my hair. Found MD Natur Hair Care by Phibio, an organic hair product made of several natural ingredients and I am very happy it is also Swiss made. I am on the way to getting my hair feel better and I am on the right track so far. I can say I am happy. Got mine in the Exclusive Shop in Geneva, on the spur of the moment and I don’t regret it but you can also buy here.

There! I wrote a girly post! Now back to my ruling!

Oh and Oana, dear sister, I am sending you one as well. You get it only if you read this and WhatsApp me after. (That’s how I loyal-ize my followers, I bribe them muhahah)

Some showing off pics below 😛


Photos by Dan Gheorghe

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