| March 2, 2017

Grumpy at work?


I recently had lunch with an old friend, ex manager of mine and had a very long conversation about the world. Chitchat about this and that. As we both work in different areas and have grown in our professional lives, we talked about the workplace. We have both suffered in the past from an extremely tight schedule, lack of tasks and extreme boredom.

Things have changed now and I like to think that I am flexible and giving flexibility to my colleagues at work. We are open between certain hours, but they can leave early, come late or work from home or other countries, as long as things are done on time. The stress of working in the same office with a workaholic manager, yes that’s me, is probably not making things easy for them, but I am open to making things even more flexible. It’s the same for my friend.

Even though years have passed since we worked in the same company, I can still feel the grumpiness and anger I had at work, the desire to stay in bed in the morning, hide and never go back to the office. Part of the problem was the lack of interesting tasks, or complete lack of, but the mood was also hindered by an obligation to be in the office all the time. I would have loved once in a blue moon to leave at 4pm because I needed a longer weekend or just felt like it.


What? Fixed schedule?


Nothing I can do about it


So unfair!


Why don’t you get it? I can’t be 100% focused every day, every year!


had enough of this


not sure what this face means


taking my life in my own hands



Grumpy19 Grumpy29

This was my mood process on an hourly basis while doing something I didn’t necessary like, but I wanted to learn a different subject. I obviously left and continued working only on my dreams and Minthical was, and is, IT.

My point is, scary as f***, but just dare. Either learn to like the job or turn your life around. Don’t waste it on being grumpy or angry a third of your day!

So, how is work for you?

P.S.  I want no hateful messages after this article. Am not telling anybody to leave their job and just change it over night. I advise people to avoid negative feelings and turn these into something constructive. One way or another, it remains your choice.


Photos by Jagoda Wisniewska

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