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Dainty, as in delicately small and pretty is what the title says. Not sure what this lipsticks says about me, but I felt the title was more suited to accompany the accessories I barely managed to put in my hair. This was one of my shootings and I must say I had fun. First of all because I could use the purple lipstick I tried so hard at one point to find in Switzerland.

I love accessories. Both small and delicate, as well as big statement pieces. I really think accessories can make a difference in our mood. When I am tired and barely manage to get ready on time, I forget accessories. And the whole extravaganza of the day is lost. Lost is the magic and my charm! I am half joking, but it is true. I fell much better when I fully finish my tasks, I cross something off my list or go to bed knowing I have achieved so much. Adding accessories and completing my outfit gives me the same feeling.

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Even if I am not a kid anymore I still have my dress up moments. And since now I can show off them online, I get to showcase some ideas I might not use outside. In any case, I like the watches and I could not choose which colour to get so until I made up my mind I tried different colours and positions. G.Gagnebin & Cie. does the nicest retro mixed with modern looking watches and I love them because they are quite different from everything that is hype now. Dainty all the way!

I sometimes wish I was born in a different era and my crush for romances from the past tell me I might have lived sometimes between the two WWs, if I believed in other lives that it. I also think I would enjoy going back to no Internet and mobile phones. Or maybe I just say that now because my phone rang way too much today. If I love emails, I totally dislike phone calls because they tend to be longer than needed and there is always a weird pause that stops me from answering two emails.

I totally have no clue what the topic of this post was supposed to be and where it was meant to get. My usual gibberish. Too much coffee … not enough sleep … a weird person today.

Use code Magda17 for 25% off on all Gagnebin items on Les Toiles. I finally chose the white watch.


Photos by moi. Wearing G.Gagnebin & Cie. watches.

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