| March 8, 2017

Flowers – Part II


To continue on the 8th of March flowery impulse and my happiness that spring is here, I have various reasons to be happy and grateful for.

I have an awesome family, both in Romania and in Switzerland. The one is Switzerland is formed of two people, but sometimes it feels like 10, and the best ten there are. Or maybe I just want us to be 10? Oh, and the one in Romania is huge and a little bit crazy.

I love spring, even more because I had a very short winter, due to holidays. I just want to get back to a warm place. A happy place.

This blog has brought my creativity back and allows me to enjoy my life even more.

I hope I will never have to give my entrepreneurial life up. It brings joy every day and it gives me the chance to grow as a person and professional faster and better than anything else could.

I love spring and the hope it gives me. It also brings tons of ideas and strength to work on them all! (Jagoda get ready!)

Spring is perfect for more lipstick! Kids, get ready!

Happy 8th of March to all women! Have a wonderful spring!


Spring 1

There is only milk in here, I promise!

Spring 2 Spring 3 Spring 4 Spring 5 Spring 6 Spring 7 Spring 8 Spring 9 Spring 10 Spring 11


Photos by Jagoda Wisniewska and amazing flowers by Romina Farinelli from RFBloom in Geneva. Thank you girls!

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