| March 14, 2017

Canary Yellow


I went out during the day on a Saturday to do some shopping and I found myself in the middle of the walking street in Lausanne. I stopped for a moment and looked around and I was slightly shocked to see everybody dressed in black or blue, some red here and there. Dressed as I was, I went back home and asked Dan to get the camera and take some pictures of me in my yellow coat. And then went for a hot chocolate. Found a good one in Lausanne, finally, at Cafe des Artisans, after Le Barbare closed.

It has finally become more natural to remember getting a camera and thinking of shooting for the blog. Ideas have always flown and I have lists over lists of ideas for future posts, mostly about what pictures to take. Texts usually come later. But from ideas into practice it takes a while. I am getting more and more organised and I like it more and more.

I have recently been asked by somebody why I’m writing and having a blog. And have been scrutinised for my lack of cadence in posting the articles. I am writing because I feel there is a need for some more normal people online, for some people that have less snobbish ideas and for some more down to earth ideas.

I am not saying I am all that. I am a regular girl, who does things and lives passionately and I hope more people around me would be able to do so. Apart from regular, I am very colourful, I am lively and I love doing many things at the same time. I have tons of dreams and plans and I am working towards reaching my goals and achieving all of them.

I am living my life as I feel it should be lived as I only get one and I don’t necessary believe in getting other chances. So, if you don’t like it, just don’t read it, but let’s spread more positivity. So here is me, in my yellow coat, not having a care in the world and enjoying a sunny day in Lausanne.

Oh, and if you don’t like it, don’t comment here. Share the post on your feed. You can say your opinion by sharing my posts. Eye for an eye?


Photos by Dan Gheorghe

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