| March 16, 2017

Pillow talk


My favourite moment of the day is going to bed (don’t get any kinky thoughts, my reason is much simpler). It’s not because I finally get to sleep, which is a hobby of mine by the way. A hobby I don’t get to do to often or long enough, sadly. But because I love the pillow talk part of going to sleep.

This is the moment when I get to breath easier and I get to discuss my random things with Dan. Well, when he actually decides to play the game and pay some attention to my constant bla bla. I don’t know how I always manage, but some days I am so focused on my tasks I don’t say much. And then the evening comes!

I heard it is not very healthy to do your smart talks in bed. Don’t get any funky ideas: lists and planning do not happen in bed, we save those for lunches and dinners during holidays. I think the short moments spent together, the talks and giggles make every bad day look wonderful and every dream very close and approachable. I just love them.

This is how our evening sessions look like, except the moments when he falls asleep before I get to do my magic.

Talk to me, talk to me! (M)

OK (D)

Let’s sleep now! (D)

Noooooo (M)

Dan? (M)

Yes? (D)

Are you sleeping? (M)

Almost! (D)

Wake Up!

Come on, talk to meeeee!

No! (D)

Happy now? (D)

Pillow Talk 7 Pillow Talk 6 Pillow Talk 5 Pillow Talk 1 Pillow Talk 2 Pillow Talk 1

Going to pack now for the trip for tomorrow!!!! #excited


Photos by Jagoda Wisniewska

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