| March 22, 2017

Sports outdoors


I am not the biggest sports fan there is, but I used to exercise a lot. Parts of it because I was forced in school while in Romania and partly because I have always wanted to be slimmer. I never really managed that while doing sports and stress solved my weight problem later on, however I have exercised quite often.

I am not particularly fond of sports in general and I cannot say I have a favourite sport or I would die without a day of practicing something as most people I know do. And I cannot say I have been fat. I had a moment in my last year of school when I reached 63 kg, but went back to my usual weight of 52-53 kg. Ten kg is some difference, but it was all over the body and I had no part too big. Well maybe my face was a bit chubby. But then again, who doesn’t like cheeks?

In any case, I don’t exercise much. And even if I exercise it is not to be slimmer, because for my body this just doesn’t work. I have muscles and with exercise they just get pumped up and look bigger, which is not something I like.

To be very honest, I exercise to stay awake and manage my sometimes crazy schedule and the way too many early flights. I wish they added some more flights to Romania at humane hours. I also worry about my back after so many days at the desk. But most of the times when I plan to exercise, I cannot wake up.

Recently I have mostly done yoga in the morning. If I wake up, that is. Let’s just consider I don’t, as I haven’t done much in February or March. Sometimes I think that scrubbing and cleaning the house counts much more than running or yoga. I was eager for the weather to get better so I can get out, even if just for a walk in the park.

I have been in the forest in Chalet-à-Gobet where I used to walk as a student and had some good times there. Took Dan there first for a shooting and to get out more often and exercise in fresh air. I love being outdoors and clearing my mind a bit. There were birds singing and it made spring this much closer.

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I have promised to put three extra alarms so I actually wake up in the morning and go out for a walk or jog at least three times a week.

Even if it is just to climb some trees and fool around.


Photos by Dan Gheorghe.

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