| March 28, 2017

Beautiful Krakow


Travelling has always been one of my favourite hobbies and I have started travelling at a very young age.  Most of my travels have been in Europe as a kid, but I still haven’t managed to visit all countries. So, I am pursuing my dream of seeing all countries in the world one day. I also have a scratch map which we use as a couple because we want to see all countries together. We’ve both never been to Poland so it has been a really good opportunity on Dan’s birthday to go on a weekend getaway to Krakow.

Krakow is really beautiful and it has highly surpassed my expectations. I would compare is with Prague. The architecture of the city is really beautiful, a lot of red brick buildings and lots of colours. Tons of churches and cathedrals everywhere and they are all very different inside. I don’t have pictures of these as we prefer not to disturb the peace inside with the flash but they are beautiful.

Krakow 1

Here is what you can do if you go for two-three days to Krakow (not necessarily in this order):

  • The main Market square – There are tons of restaurants and cafes in the area and most of them quite good. It is beautiful and from here you can also take a horse carriage ride.

Krakow 2

  • Walk through the historic old town and gaze at all the beautiful buildings
  • Visit the Wawel castle

Krakow 3

  • The Schindler’s Factory is a must see. You will learn a lot about the history around Poland and Krakow and it is done in an exquisite way. The whole tour inside is very professional and built to really take you on a time travel
  • Right near Schidler’s Factory you have the MOCAK museum (Museum of Contemporary Art in Krakow) if you like contemporary art. We’ve been, it is quite small and I obviously got bored after a while, but Dan enjoyed it. I must say I have seen better art museums in my life.

Krakow 4

  • The Jewish district – This place is perfect for awesome hummus and other dishes. Many restos and cafes and the food was really good.

Krakow 5

  • Churches around the old town. There are plenty of churches and you must see at least a few of these. You will soon realise how different these all are and they all have beautiful organs.
  • St Florian’s Gate – I liked it because there were people under the gate playing instruments and the music is beautiful

Krakow 6 Krakow7

  • Auschwitz – This is a must-see place and I would recommend a full day trip to be able to take a guided tour and listed to everything that went through there.
  • Eat, eat, eat. Food was surprisingly great in Krakow and I have enjoyed most of the dishes I tried in all the places I got the chance to see. I will write an article only about food in Krakow. And how better to know a place than by tasting its flavours?

I have not visited Warsaw, but I heard it is not as beautiful because it is quite new and fully rebuilt after the WWII.

And to really convince you of how pretty it all is, check the pics below! Oh and get ready, it is quite cold in spring.

Krakow 8 Krakow 9Krakow 10 Krakow 11Krakow 12

Is Krakow on your list with the next trips already? Well if you need some more convincing, check these out!

Krakow 13 Krakow 14 Krakow 15 Krakow 16Krakow 17 Krakow 18 Krakow 19


Photos by Dan Gheorghe

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