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I don’t know about you, but I was always interested in all sports that allow me to stretch to the point where my heels touch my nose and then I can never get up. A shame for an ex ballerina. Until I broke my wrist. For all these reasons, I decided yoga is the best option for me. I go once and I have an excuse not to practice anything for two months after. Easy life!

On a more serious note, as I said before, I do yoga when I wake up in the morning and since I rarely wake up early enough, I remain with the complaints and the after-yoga muscle pain. I tell you, it is all in my head, but I feel fit and beautiful each morning. I managed to fool my body once more. Muhahahaha!

Until my body muhaha’s me back!

So, I have very seriously contacted Juan and Lydie and proposed to show my face at their gym. They told me a few times before to join a class and see for myself how awesome it is and how great and addicted I would feel after. Took me three months after the last time we spoke and wrote them to schedule a private class.

But I did not go unprepared. I could not let anybody make me feel out of my comfort zone. I do yoga in the morning at home, when I am not very sure if I am awake or not, and sometimes end up sleeping on the floor. This time I was wide awake and ready!

The results of my hard work below:

Thanks Lydie and Juan for the patience and time! They traveled the world for a year and learnt to love what surrounds them and each other. Yoga was part of their discoveries and have become certified teachers in Ashtanga Yoga. After their return to Lausanne, they started giving yoga classes in Lausanne and practice various types of yoga. And the best part: they do their classes in English. I realised I don’t do sports in many gyms in Lausanne because French does not make me do stuff. It is too romantic to force me to do anything unnatural with my body.

I have a feeling I will be seeing the studio more often, during a proper class and very soon!


Photos by Jagoda Wisniewska in the Myoga studio.

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