| April 10, 2017

The end of crinoline


This is a letter to myself, a go-to place whenever in doubt.

Dear Magda,

I know you are great and are having a great time. However, I am going to tell you everything about your life until this moment and this is something you should never forget. Your life is beautiful and you are happy!

You are a strong woman with many projects and a growing business. Long gone are the days when women were not allowed to have a choice, work or even show their faces outside the house. They fought for years to get to the freedom you are enjoying today.  Do not throw it to waste, fight even harder for more freedom, rights and choices for women all over the place. Gone are the crinolines, corsets and prejudices.

Your life has been surrounded by amazing people, starting with your family, partner, friends, work colleagues and even just passer-bys and all those behind the screens.  They fill you with love and you send in turn your gratitude and love to all of them. Especially to Dan who manages to stay sane day after day, mood swing after mood swing. Can you complain about anything?  Not really!

Continue to be crazy in all the possible meanings of the word, except the literal one. Jump, cry, yell and then dance, work and negotiate, bring back history and relive the wonders of the past. Be modern and then extremely old fashioned. Dare to achieve all your dreams and dream even bigger.

Remain colourful, energetic and keep being a workaholic. Keep loving what you do and love every bit of your days. Even if you will have good and bad ones, remain on top of all situations with grace and a big smile. You are wonderful just as you are.

Never give up on what you love and continue to be a vintage enthusiast!

With my love, your most faithful follower!



Photos by Andrei Cristian Petrescu.

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