| April 17, 2017

A day trip in beautiful Budapest


Budapest is the capital of Hungary and the place where I have to land if I want to go home to visit my parents and sister. There used to be a flight from Geneva closer to home (where I would actually land in Romania, not in a different country), but it wasn’t very popular and the airline has discontinued it. As Dan and I have decided to go home for Easter and spend a few days with my family, we had to land in Budapest. So we took advantage of it and visited Budapest for a day.

#ScratchingOffAnotherCountryFromOurWorldMap after a scary start with a bomb threat at the Geneva airport.

I grew up 4 hours away from Budapest so I am no stranger to it. All holidays ended up with a pit stop in Budapest and a plate of goulash. There is lots to do in Budapest, but one day was enough for us to get the hang of things, try out different dishes and walk around the beautiful old part of the city.

Here is a list of things you can do and see while in Budapest.

Visit the Parliament and see it’s amazing architecture

Discover Castle Hill during a walk

Visit St Stephans church. OMG architecture and ceilings

Walk across the Chain Bridge, the first one to connect Buda and Pesta and freeze while crossing it

Fisherman’s Bastion

Try at least one Hungarian dish and pair it with Hungarian wines (kinda sweet most of them)

Muschroom Soup


Salad with duck ham

Crepes stuffed with chicken and a sour cream and paprika sauce

Some sort of beef goulash

Window shop on Vaci utca or just a do an InstaStory about it

Check out the Budapest Opera House

If you have time, relax in one of Budapest’s famous baths

For vintage lovers, hunt for treasures at the Ecseri Flea Market

You will be able to see at least 5 items of this list in one day, depending on how you usually travel. You can check out the Castle Hill, The Parliament and the Opera from outside, walk across the Chain Bridge and window shop on Vaci utca (as proof remain my pictures). Whenever you stop, try Hungarian food and wine. Don’t forget the chimney cake. I ate too fast mine, did not have time to take a pic.

“Take this pic before I go with the wind”

“Had I known, wouldn’t have combed my hair this morning”


Photos by Dan Gheorghe.

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