| April 20, 2017

Easter in Romania


A few reasons why Easter in Romania is the best:

Here come the lamb, eggs and “drob”. No idea how I would even be able to translate this, but pictures will suffice. Who cares about the names when they are so yummy? I am also not going to explain because it sounds disturbing. I have always said pork (cooked in any way) is our traditional dish, but lambs rule the Easter holidays. You cannot be traditional and vegetarian in Romania, as my grandma would stop giving us our Easter pocket money. 1.So, food is great.

We have already established I am from the North of the country, at the border with Hungary and Ukraine so I am slightly confused about what traditions are typical for our country. Even more, Easter is spent in the countryside at my grandparents’. All four of them live in the same village, so I can just walk to one or the other and eat.  2.Food comes in double quantities

This year I finally got to go home for Easter. Orthodox and Catholic Easter fall on the same day so we got a few days off. My family is quite large, even larger now that we have three smurfs extra in the family. My family is amazing, all talk at the same time their own subjects and all forget they already ate once, and start again. Apart from that, we never arrive at my granparents’ at the same time. My parents, sis and I are always early as we come from further away and come a day before. So on Sunday I get to eat four or five times every time somebody arrives. 3. Unlimited food

Church on Easter is mandatory in my family. We go to the Monastery. Except for the times when they forget me at home because, guess what, they are not used to having me around anymore! And when you return from the church, we eat again. 4. The poor forgotten soul, dines again

And then, there is Dan, for the first time spending Easter with us at my grandma’s.

Seriously now, my family is the happiest in the world, the most united there is and boastful about their successes. And guess what, we support and help each other especially when nobody asks for it.

I wouldn’t change it for the world!

A few images from the countryside where I used to spend my summers as a child.


Photos by Dan Gheorghe.

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