| April 24, 2017

My boyfriend as a business partner


I’ve always had people asking me how it is to work with my boyfriend. Lately, I have had a few more asking during an event we had, so I figured there may be more of you interested in this subject or considering a career with their partners. I will give you more details about my experience, and I can only talk about myself. I know experiences may be diverse and very different from mine, but here we go.

We’ve had four years of practice as business partners and I must say it hasn’t always been easy. The start has been fun and ideals super high, but then came the admin work and tasks. We soon realised we had different work experiences and ways of running a business. Took a few weeks (well months) until we understood each other and once this gap was filled, things moved on smoother. Storm has passed.

We still have arguments and different opinions on various topics, however the most important aspect of our work is that we both want the same results for our business. I think the most important rule in a partnership is to reach for the same goals and have similar dreams. Without a clear idea of where you want to go, you will not manage to jump over obstacles along the way.

I also consider communication as very important in any partnership, of any sort, and discussing decisions together is vital. Even if one partner deals with certain tasks and takes decisions, we always inform each other about what happens. So here we go into another point: always involve the other partner into your tasks and keep him/her informed. It is the worst to have to catch up with your partner. At this point you start developing ideas separately, out of ignorance, and problems arise.

One more thing we do is divide tasks and make sure the two of us handle different parts of the business. All, considering the above and sharing and discussing business decisions. In all cases, trust is important and building towards it, should be the goal in any relationship.

It is not difficult to work together. For me, it is more beautiful and allows me to learn more about my partner, it is something that keeps me inspired and challenges me for more. I believe it also makes us stronger in business. He is my business partner, but he is also the person that understands the most where I come from when I propose a different idea. And so do I.

And I also believe that three is a crowd. One will always be in minority which is not fair towards that person. I would make an equal partnership.

How do you feel about working with your partner, if you do? Or perhaps, would you work with your life partner?


Photos by Andrei Cristian Petrescu in the Minthical office or just the mOffice

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