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I have always liked to go through my mums and grandmas closets and look for little gems, of any kind. Well not just theirs, I have also paid a visit to all our neighbours. Every time I did it, I came home with something. Which is not bad, I can always mix and match different styles when I am back. The issue is to carry all these things back home. I of course can sort this easily, I turn out to be very resourceful when I need to reach my goal. So I manage to get everything inside my luggage.minimalism 1minimalism 2

with a little bit of a struggle…

minimalism 10

The problem is the amount of stuff I get to have over the years and the frequency at which I actually use all of my things. Even though it seems from the above that I am a hoarder, I am actually the opposite. Every month or so I go over my closet and drawers and take out items I find useless or have not used in a while and give away. There is no point in owning too many objects and ending up unhappy. Plus I am a little bit OCD.minimalism 3

I know minimalism is a big trend right now, I am not advocating for a 100% minimalism, however I do think their ideas and purposes come from a happy, healthy place. And we all want to reach the so famous happiness, no?

I have a few points that worked for me in order to achieve nirvana via minimalism:

  • Stop the spending  –  reuse and recycle your items! It’s always fun to try new things with your old items. And you end up with more money to travel.
  • Pick a number from 5 to 10 and take each month the amount of items you picked, from every room in your house. Make sure you really dispose of or donate these items and DO NOT replace them with new ones instantly. You will see how fresh you feel every time you do that.
  • Keep your closet and drawer clean and very well organised so you use all your items and mix and match more.
  • Choose your clothes and accessories the night before so you really have time to look through your wardrobe. If you leave it for the morning and you are in a hurry you will always go for the most comfortable items.

minimalism 4minimalism 5minimalism 7minimalism 8

This is how you can always be happy with your luggage and all your clothes will fit.

I should now follow my own advice! minimalism 9

I have recently met two wonderful girly who can really come to your place and help you clear your life and detox it. The two girls from Clarity can really change your life! I have just heard them do a speech and made me clear my life off all extra luggage!


Photos by me featuring an old suitcase that we got from a dear friend!

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  • Reply Clarity May 9, 2017 at 2:38 pm

    Dear Magda,
    Many thanks for this wonderful article and for letting us know your experience of a closet detox ! We love and share your point of view on minimalism. We aren’t advocating it either but a bit of simplicity is so impactful on our lives.
    We also love your pictures !!
    Hope to see you soon again.
    With joy,

    • Reply Magda Oltean May 9, 2017 at 10:13 pm

      Well so far so good. I have turned my closet upside down and found many awesome things!

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