| May 5, 2017

No Freedom


I believe as human beings we are never free. And it is not because we have a job and need money to get by, a shelter to protect ourselves from cold and sun, various needs and desires, but because the simple fact that we need to eat and breathe makes us very dependent on something. No belief, no feeling of love or hatred nor any big passion and hobby we have can make us this needy. There is only so far we can go without air and food.

Knowing this, why are there so many misguided beliefs, need for wars, so much need to hate and fight others and disrespect what surrounds us, particularly nature? Why do we feel we must be the rulers of the universe, when we are the ones who cannot really live without what this planet offers us? No matter how far we go in business, or how we thrive and intelligent we get, we are all bound to die if we don’t get what we need the most: food and air.

Why can’t we build more beautiful places around us and allow nature to provide us with our basic needs?

Freedom 20 Freedom 19 Freedom 18 Freedom 17

Even cacti can give us something and can satisfy our basic needs? Why ruin them?

Freedom 16 Freedom 15 Freedom 14

I wonder how many times do people actually listen to what nature tells us, to what the rain and the sun depict around us? Do you?

Freedom 13 Freedom 12


Why fuck it all up when nature is so grand and we are so small? Freedom 11 Freedom 10 Freedom 9 Freedom 8


I have a contest for you. One that will bring you no material prize, but will fill your soul a bit.

Go to work one morning 5 minutes earlier, walk slowly and count all the trees you encounter on the way. You can also be in a bus. The important is for you to notice what surrounds you. You can notice the buildings, the people, the empty or full streets. The important thing is to be more aware that you are part of a wonderful mechanism!
Freedom 7 Freedom 6 Freedom 5 Freedom 4 Freedom 3 Freedom 2 Freedom 1

Dream big, but bring nature in your thoughts! Let’s all recycle and plant a tree once in a while as a way to say thank you!


Photos by Jagoda Wisniewska in the Botanical Gardens Geneva

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