| May 17, 2017

Tips for getting by beautifully in spring


As spring became rather crazy this year and you never know what to wear, I went for a dress, but a long and thick one and a hat that preferably covers everything, even the shoulders (I really wished it did). All ready for spring, on a very cold morning I went all smiley and made up to have a photoshoot.

Spring 8

Yes, this is a smile. A frozen one that is!

Spring 7Spring 9

Spring 10

I can do this!

As you saw on a different post, I went all minimalistic for a while now and I keep clearing and rearranging my wardrobe. And not just the wardrobe. It is everything in my life really. Started with the wardrobe, office, all rooms have at leat 20 items less in them (for now, wait for next month), shoes got a makeover as did my makeup cabinet. It feels pretty nice to have less things I need to arrange and move from left to right. OCD remember?

Spring 6Spring 5

So, I though abut talking to you about the spring trends to will follow this season, to feel even better:

  1. Fashion: Spring wardrobe – clean it!
  2. Food: Turn royal – Eat all the purple foods that exist on the market now!
  3. Furniture: Mid-century furniture for your house (oops that’s winter, spring, summer and autumn for me)
  4. Decoration: Vertical garden – Decorate a full wall with plants! Until that happens, you will find me in the garden. Any garden.
  5. Sport: 10 minutes Mind-Weight daily! (aka meditation) Preferably before going to sleep. You won’t even need to endure it, but you wake up refreshed and self-satisfied – you’ve done your sports for the day!Spring 4Spring 3Spring 2
Spring 1

Never mind the goosebumps!

Spring means goals, new ideas, million things you want to do. We all know we never get to do most of them, so chillax on the tips and go with the flow.


Photos by Jagoda Wisniewska in the cemetery of Lausanne, wearing Iulia Albu earrings

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