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I don’t know how many of you use TripAdvisor to find restaurants or hotels in different areas and read the reviews written there, but whenever I go to a new place I try to do a mini research to see what I can do, where to eat and even where to sleep. I must say I can position myself on the other side of the screen as well, as I also leave reviews.

As I am quite competitive, a few friends and I competed to get on higher contributor levels on TripAdvisor. So we worked hard to try various restaurants in the area and abroad and all the bars we could find. We of course travelled and spent a few nights in various hotels, just so we could give more reviews. So we did this for a few months and, competitive as I am, I won. The nature of my job does not allow me not to finish projects and tasks and I try to finish them as soon as possible not to waste any precious time from developing the business further. So I finished and got to level 6, which is the highest.

But what happens when you reach the highest contributor score on TripAdvisor?

Well let me tell you. You give up for a while until the bug gets you again. I did not get to the bug part yet, but I am getting ready.

Are you ready?


Do you guys use TripAdvisor and write? Any better ways to find great restaurants when you travel?


Photo by me.

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