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After a long pause due to tons of work and a million things on my mind, I finally found some time to write. I have read a lot these past weeks and have also done various different things to keep sane and not put all my focus only on work so my topic today is relationships.

What are relationships? I have read a lot of articles online which advise you to read between the lines, to play a certain game to make matters work very well in the couple. A lot of bla bla I would say. I have never believed in anything that is not communication. It’s the best way to build a couple and the best way to really understand what on Earth he/she means. All this guessing and mind games lead nowhere. Or maybe they just lead into fights. Fights can be good from time to time as well. Oh well!

As the previous paragraph suggests, I have no clue what I am talking about. I agree to disagree with my own statements and confuse all of you. Heck, even I am confused! Or is it just really simple to be in relationships and we are overcomplicating them with words?

I say so. Communication is really good and helps to understand each other, particularly at the beginning, but getting to a point where you don’t need to speak anymore and just by looking at each other you know what he/she means, is priceless. Plus the feeling of building something together, the union you get from being in a couple is something you cannot compare or explain.

Does it show I am a happy person and happy in my relationship? And at Minthical? That’s part of our relationship too.

Relationships 1

Oh, relationships work best when I am the boss 🙂

Relationships 3

And when he is the funny one!

Relationships 4

And we are partners and equals!

Relationships 5

And just fluffy!

Relationships 2


Photos by Andrei Cristian Petrescu

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