| July 28, 2017

Pool time


I don’t get to go on holidays this summer. Dan and I travelled so much and had so many things to do and prepare in Romania the first half of the year that we feel there is no need to leave Switzerland over the summer. Switzerland has loads to offer during summer and since we don’t have any travels planned, we wanted to take advantage of all the sun and coolness we have available here. Oh, and we are also planning a big holiday in December and want to save for that. How does a month of holiday sound?

On the spur of the moment we bought a new BBQ and we are super happy with it. Works like a wonder and has given me plenty of nights without cooking. And for a person who is not that into cooking, it’s a dream come true to have Dan bbq our dinner. 1-0 for me this summer!

How awesome is thaaat!!

To continue my list of to dos for the summer, apart from the regular hikes up a hill or mountain (this falls into the category of amazing views), the awesome terraces open everywhere in the city, open air cinema, there is the lake and the numerous pools Lausanne has to offer. I am not a big fan of swimming in the lake and I am not particularly eager to dive in a water with fluffy green stones or deep bottoms with who know what creatures full of teeth, but I will go from time to time to a pool. To pose like a mermaid, why else?

When I lived in Pully, I used to go to the pool there quite often in summer and I must say that even if I tried most of the ones around Lausanne, this is the most convenient, from a structure point of view. It is usually less busy than the most popular ones and it has two big pools, a huge grass area to lay down and sunbathe and the most wonderful view of the lake. we were lucky enough to get the pool for ourselves during the shoot and it seems even bigger.

So hooray for the long weekend. Hope it’s hot!

And it all happened with these girls.

Do you have any others you often go to? And how often do you actually get to go to the pool?


Photos by Jagoda Wisniewska at the Plage Pully.

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