| August 3, 2017

Chaplin’s World


Another amazing place in Switzerland is Chaplin’s World, a museum opened a year ago in his former mansion, the place where he spent his last years of life together with his large family. Chaplin’s history is a cumulation of failures and successes which lead to a beautiful and meaningful story. Through various movies and a few characters, Chaplin has depicted what few people have managed at the time, the traits of character of the population.

I will not speak too much about Chaplin’s life and history as the museum offers an amazing story into his lives and achievements and does it in an amazing way. It’s really a must see museum. It all starts with a movie followed by a visit of the studio. An incredible ride into the timeline of Chaplin’s achievements.


My favourite part of the whole afternoon spent in Chaplin’s wonderful world was the property and its limitless gardens. It is somewhat of a very serene and peaceful place that a cemetery would offer you, but this is at another level. As you walk, or sit on a bench in the garden, you feel like a movie is being played in front of you as you start imagining the family BBQs, the all snowmen the family once did, the walks they took together and the giggles one could have probably heard while the kids were young and running around the property.

This is definitely a dream house for most of the people who are lucky enough to see this. Large imposing house in the middle of a green field surrounding by large, old trees. I can only imagine myself daydreaming under a tree, walking or running every morning to clear my mind and being extremely creative while living in such a place. Make me sort of a loner with this view in mind, but no worries, plenty of children running around as well in my dream. After all, I am the one who always dreamt of a very large family.

If you like me, are stuck in Lausanne during the summer, check the place out!


Photos by Dan Gheorghe and me at Chaplin’s World.

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