| August 8, 2017

Sunday Funday


A typical #sundayfunday hashtag refers to a crazy day outdoors, fun activities on a Sunday afternoon or trying a completely new activity indoors with your friends. Or at least this is what it usually means for me. This #sundayfunday referred to a a more chilled Sunday afternoon, having a picnic in the park. The closest to the house, so we don’t make too much of an effort on this atypical day. And as I suggested it myself in a previous article, picnics are a good pass-time and an even better bonding activity: with the partner, friends or the latest book you discovered. Oh and by the way, Harry Potter has just joined my Kindle collection and I am foreseeing loads of picnics in the next weeks. Sunday and the rest of the days of the week filled with dates with Harry!

Recipe for success:

We take two people, two pairs of sunglasses, a hat and a backpack full of food and drinks.

Exactly the moment you sit down and lay in the sun, you open a bottle of, ah well, juice and sip silently. 

After five minutes of gazing dumbly in the nature and checking out all people around you, boredom comes into play and start finding activities for you to do. While the partner is engrossed in drawing (where did he get this new habit, I wonder?) you open the book you so long dreamt of and start reading. 

Until the heat is unbearable and there is no more … juice …  in the bottle (I knew I should have taken the keg) and you start rolling around until you fall asleep. And sleep and sleep until you wake up looking all pink and start whining about everything around. At this point the partner has to clear up the little house you made on the grass and go home quickly. 

But hey, it was all great and different! And sandwiches definitely taste better in the open air! I will make it a Sunday activity from now on, as in the good old days. Will save Sundays for church and picnics, because we might think tomorrow is another day, but you never know, so just enjoy the moment.


Photos by moi in the Montbenon park.

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