| August 16, 2017

What job would you have if you were doing something else?


Since holidays are over for at least two months now, I wanted to talk about the trending top of the moment: the job. Back to work!

I have barely worked for a few years since I graduated, but I feel that I am doing exactly what I should be doing with my life. I work for myself and work on very different and interesting projects, which is great! It does not always get easy, hours are very long sometimes and coffee comes in huge quantities. But then here come: shootings, designs, meetings with interesting people, a great team, events, parties, flights between Bucharest and Lausanne, excitement before a project is signed, satisfaction after it is all live and many many emails, which as you know I looove. I get to play with colours, I learn about new brands and products and I learn about new technology and systems, which satisfies my constant need to learn and improve.

Changing my job sounds as a farfetched idea right now, but I feel I would be working in the same direction and I would twist and turn until I get to do something creative with my life. An idea I have right now would probably revert around technology (yes! again). I would probably enjoy being a photographer or doing videos. I feel this would keep me entertained, sane and would feed my need to meet other people. If photography does not work and I would be no good at it, even though I feel I could learn to improve and get better, I have the perfect job in mind.


job 1job 2

I would be an eternal traveller. My ultimate goal is to visit the whole world and scratch off as many places of the map as possible, well all of them really. I would definitely enjoy meeting people from different corners of the world and learning more about their cultures. It seems that any job I do revolves around learning and improving my skills and knowledge. I don’t think I would be able to do the same job over and over again, I would not be able to be an accountant and apply the same rules over and over again.

job 3

In any case, for any job you have or want to have, if you aim to get high, I would recommend you to climb up the stairs. Don’t take the elevator!

job 4job 5job 6


What job would you have if you were doing something else? I am curious to know if there are any crazy ideas out there!


Photos by me.


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