| August 21, 2017

Lavey day trip


I continue my SundayFunday ideas with a new place to visit, quite close to Lausanne. One Sunday when weather was less good in Lausanne and we could not go to the lake anymore, we decided to try out a place where we have been wanting for a while to go: Les Bains des Lavey. After all, you don’t really need awesome weather to go to a thermal bath.

There is an hour drive until Lavey and we left home quite early to grab some lunch before the baths. We heard of a restaurant on top of the mountain called Auberge de Morcles which had amazing reviews on Tripadvisor so we decided to give it a go. The road up the mountain is really crazy and if you don’t have a car equipped for that, just don’t go. You have 30 tights laps to do to go up but when you arrive, you see this (well on a foggy day at least)


The Auberge de Morcles is situated 7km higher from Lavey, but it is not the top. There are 2-3 more km. Since weather was quite gloomy we could not see too much higher up so we came back to the restaurant. The Auberge is a family run restaurant by a husband (the chef) and wife in service. Nothing had really been done to the place since it was probably turned from a school into a restaurant a while back, but it has a charm to it. Simple decoration, plain tables and chairs which give the place a sort of familiar look.

You can feel slightly scared and overwhelmed and it can give you the impression you are following into Hansel and Gretel’s footsteps and ended up at the wicked witches house. This will all pass when you get two chat with the two and feel their warmth and passion for the area. After a long chat, we moved on to ordering our dishes: I tried veal with mushroom sauce and Dan had beef and then we shared a chocolate fondant.

I must say, I have never been so surprised in my life to get such amazing food. I have no words to describe how perfect each dish was and what an amazing presentation each dish had. I am really sorry it is so far away otherwise I would probably eat at least once a week there. All dishes are made with natural ingredients and you can really feel it. The meat was very tasty, very well seasoned (which is quite rare in Switzerland) and we got a few side dishes we struggled to figure out what these were. Turns out we had a broccoli puree, an onion with saffron one (AMAZING) and a ratatouille, as well as gratin of potatoes. We finished the meal with a shared fondant of chocolate. It is quite bog, but so good, I was sorry I didn’t take one just for myself!

Veal with mushroom sauce


the two purees and ratatouille

Gratin of potatoes

Chocolate fondant

After the amazing meal we had, we went back down to Lavey to the baths for three hours. Weather became a bit better and was a most enjoyable afternoon. The place is full of greenery, there weren’t too many people and children even less as there are no special places for kids to play in. Took a few pictures after, as I did not bother to take a camera with me anymore Was in water all the time.


Photos by moi taken with my phone

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