| August 24, 2017

Mad Hatter


It’s been a very difficult period at work lately with tons of projects that have started and a lot of other problems to solve while working, as you might know or have seen in the previous articles. Many achievements on our plate: opening the new Minthical office in Romania this spring and finally getting the green light for Zaivan this summer. And all of these have for sure their own mini projects and future plans which gets to a life without any breaks for any workaholic, especially for myself. So no holidays for us this summer.

But this story is about me and coping with my two parallel worlds: my world of work and my imaginary world. The world in which I am Alice and I can do whatever I want, I am surrounded by magical friends and find various interesting surprises behind every door. Then sometimes I am the Mad Hatter who can fulfil all the ideas and all the dreams I have and who can take all these crazy ideas I have out of the hat. I really want to be the Mad Hatter only for a day!

mad hatter 1mad hatter 2mad hatter 3

So instead of becoming the Mad Hatter and getting to fulfil my dream I got a lovely Angora rabbit (in reality I stole my sister’s pet) and got to take him out of the hat in surprise. Or wanted to do so, before the animal behaved like a beast and barely let me touch it. mad hatter 4mad hatter 5mad hatter 6 mad hatter 7

Annoyed, I give up and just pose for the camera.mad hatter 8mad hatter 9mad hatter 11mad hatter 12mad hatter 13mad hatter 14mad hatter 15

It’s been a long long week and an even longer year and it is not prone to finish anytime soon. But what I did not realise at the beginning of the article, is that I have built my imaginary world in the real one. I am living my dream and it’s awesome. Effin hard, but awesome!


Photos by Dan Gheorghe wearing the Mac lipstick Show and Teal A96.


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