| September 5, 2017

Planning the Best Winter Vacation in India


While the world is enjoying summer holidays, I am planning my winter one, as it’s the only one I will get and I hang on to it as much as I can. Plus it’s a completely new place which I haven’t even dreamt of or considered in my top ten places to go to first, but circumstances changed when we got invited to a wedding in India! I am so excited to get to see a crazy Indian wedding that goes on for 5 days in two different cities in India, at completely different sides of the country: North and South.

So if we fly for such a long time for an almost full week of wedding, in two different cities (crazy shits going on there, I am sure) and I have to wear funky clothes, might as well spend some more time there and visit India!!!!! We want to spend almost the whole December in India and rest to get ready for a new year to come, which for some reason I see as extremely challenging as well as this one.

So I will need some help organising this crazy India holiday, any tips or suggestions will really help.

The first idea of itinerary that we have after watching a crazy amount of documentaries is below. My favourite one was Karl Watson‘s documentaries.

30 November  – fly to Delhi

1-2 December – Delhi wedding (part 1)

3 December – 7 December – spend time in Kerala as the first part of the wedding will be here and then fly back to Delhi

8 December – wedding in Delhi

8 December – 10 December – spend time in Delhi

11 – 12 December – visit Agra

13 – 15 December – visit Jaipur

16 – 18 December – visit Jodphur

19 – 22 December –  visit Goa

and the remaining days spend them on the beach. Not sure exactly where yet, but this is what we have on the list: Hampi, Varkala, Port Kochi and then fly away from Bangalore. I am sure India has many more cool places to visit, but we want to spend the first days visiting and then relax for the last ones somewhere on a beach and enjoy India’s wonders.

Days might change here and there, nothing is really set in stone, but these are our first ideas. Oh and maybe we go to Sri Lanka too.

Have you guys been to India? What do you recommend, booking everything in advance and planning day by day or should we just go with the flow and see what we feel like doing every day?


Photos by Jagoda Wisniewska.

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