| October 4, 2017

The Seven “New” Wonders of the World


Heya! Haven’t been online in a very long time. With the Romanian office growing and changing, a few pitches we had for various projects and a lot of details to sort out for the upcoming India trip, I barely had time to post anything. And since I was organising and booking hotels and trains in India, I got to check out every city where we go to and decide what to visit and then I came across The Taj Mahal. I am super excited to see it! And then I realised it is one of the new Wonders of the World. And I made a mental note to visit them all ASAP!

I guess we all leart in history what the 7 Wonders of the World were. As a quick reminder we have: The Colossus of Rhodes, The Great Pyramid of Giza (still existing), The Hanging Gardens of Babylon, The Lighthouse of Alexandria, The Mausoleum of Halicarnassus, The Statue of Zeus at Olympia, The Temple of Artemis at Ephesus. I haven’t seen any of these, but I have been in the area where some of them were and I remember how excited I was when I was studying about them. I have always wanted to travel and see the world and I have always had tons of list of places to see.

Now I have a new one! What a surprise huh?

On July 7, 2007 (7-7-07) an announcement was made regarding the “new” set of the Seven Wonders of the World based on online voting from around the world… So I will consider it as I would have voted myself, had I known!

  1. Chichen Itza, Mexico – Mayan City
  2. Christ Redeemer, Brazil – Large Statue
  3. The Great Wall, China
  4. Machu Picchu, Peru
  5. Petra, Jordan – Ancient City
  6. The Roman Colosseum, Italy
  7. The Taj Mahal, India

I guess these are all pretty famous and pretty awesome and impressive. I am happy I got to see three of these and this year I will touch the 4th on my list: The Taj Mahal!

Have you seen any of these? What’s next on your holiday plan?


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