| October 18, 2017

Satu Mare


I grew up and finished high school in Satu Mare, exactly where you hang the map on the wall. If you hang it, can’t even see my town. But it has done its wonders for 19 years, until I left to study in Switzerland. As a small Romanian city, there hasn’t been much development going on after communism fell, but people remain optimist that things will change. I think this is a general valid idea for Romania. Some do, some have lost all faith.

Satu Mare is quite small and the city centre is divided in the older part of the town and the newer, more modern one. Both sides have some shops, small restaurants and a few commercial outlets. There are several smaller parks here and there which give the city its charm and a couple of bigger ones where I have spent my childhood rollerblading. The town is quite spread and divided in various neighbourhoods, with the river Somes dividing it into two parts. That just makes it seem bigger and more special as a city.

There is not much sightseeing to do in the city. Apart from the administrative palace¬†which used to be the highest building in Romania at one point, an old Firefighters tower, a few churches and cathedrals, a history museum and various school buildings. So you can visit it all in one day. Lots of people come to see how international the city actually is. We have various languages spoken in the area after Romanian. These are Hungarian spoken by most of the people and German. You might not even be able to find a job facing the public if you don’t speak Hungarian in my town. I used to be able to speak at one point as well, but when I moved I have also left it there unfortunately.

What makes it pretty are my childhood memories, my family and some friends who are still living here and I would not change my past for anything. I have a wonderful upbringing, lived in a safe and quiet place with enough entertainment. People were and still are awesome and loving. And I still make new memories!


And my favourite part about the city is the little market we usually buy all our food!

And you can even fly in! How awesome is that?


Photos by Dan Gheorghe with the Iphone and Emanuel Pop at my sister’s Sweet 18!

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