| October 27, 2017

The Teleferic Grand Hotel

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To make things clearer regarding this trip. Here is how the itinerary went:

Trip One: Bucharest – Breaza – Brasov – Bucharest – Satu Mare – Bucharest

Trip Two: Bucharest – Breaza – Bucharest

The Satu Mare trip I have shown before all, as we went there to celebrate my sisters Sweet 18 Birthday which in my part of the country is a big thing and a great reason to celebrate. And the party was pretty awesome!

Here is a reminder of the great mood:

But, to go back to my story, I want to talk today about the hotel in which we stayed in Brasov: The Teleferic Grand Hotel. The hotel was famous in the 70s. It was a classical European mountain hotel that stood proud in one of the best locations in the ski resort Poiana Brasov, near the cable car.

After 20 years of the hotel being closed, it has recently reopened its doors as a more beautiful and greater hotel. The hotel has a very Swiss chalet style to it, it’s surrounded by beautiful forests and mountains and offers various entertainment opportunities to its guests. The spa is a wonder, facing the mountain it shows the magnificent mountains from the spa and pool.

The Room


The surrounding area


The Reception are

I found the reception is the most beautiful part of the hotel. It is all made in wood and offers a great view over the forest. The grand chandelier hangs in a big way from the ceiling giving the hotel a chic chalet style.

It is all you can think of in a great hotel, I found the prices correct to what was offered, it is clean and the spa is definitely worth visiting. The food in the restaurant is not as great as I had expected but I guess step by step they will improve.



Photos by Dan Gheorghe

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