| November 9, 2017

Bucharest misunderstood


Bucharest is often misunderstood, as I like to say. We’ve (quite) recently been through various turmoils in the media. Don’t let anything fool you. Bucharest is amazing and has excellent people, but sometimes you need to dig deep to find them.

The “Little Paris” as we used to call it years back, has long gone, but it hasn’t fully lost its splendour. There is a faint proof of the great parties, splendid dresses, many secrets and way too much nerve for that time. I can say that stories from Transylvania from my grandma and the ones from Bucharest seem like from two worlds apart, to the point where divorce was in bloom in Bucharest and a great sin in my area.

I have always been fascinated by how great and developed big cities can be. Growing up in a small town in Romania has always wanted me to aim higher, want bigger things and travel further. Bucharest is not it, but it is the IT where I am travelling the most these days. So living la vida loca in the big city. And it is quite charming.

There are tons of new places and every day there is a new one popping around the corner. All the cuisines you can think of, tons of malls and shops, theatres, concerts and bars all over. Or so I have been told. I have not been able to see any of these. I am extremely familiar with Bucharest traffic and the queues in all banks and at the post office. All lawyers and notaries in a 100 square meter area are known to me and I can order anything from anywhere in Bucharest. Oh, and I cannot tell you how I know all the missing pieces in the flooring of the airport. I have my talents after all!

So, as I was saying before, I go for heavier traffic, longer queues, bigger piles of paperwork and less sleep. I even change my accent based on location.

I guess we can say one belongs to a city when all problems and admin coincide with routine.

But for once in a few years, I finally manage to visit something in Bucharest: The Village Museum! It’s consists of old houses form all over Romania and shows deep and simple history from all regions. This is the place where I like to take all Bucharest visitors. It’s like a beautiful walk in the park.

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Photos by me with the iPhone.

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