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During the first trip to Romania, where we had a few errands to run for the company and to fix some of the pending paperwork we have in Romania and since we stayed a lot this time, we decided to take a weekend off to visit some places #AroundZaivan.


We stopped for a few nights at our beloved Zaivan so we can enjoy it’s new goodies as well – The Pegas Bikes. And we relaxed and biked all over the property. These bikes are pretty awesome I am really happy with them. They remind me of my childhood and of the only bike I owned for a long time, a Pegas bike I actually inherited from my older cousins.

We were a bit lazy to get out of the property and visit Breaza by bike, so we rode around the yard in circles.

We then spent some time #AroundZaivan and decided to show you two things we really enjoyed.

Golf Lac de Verde

Close by Zaivan there is a 9-hole golf course. Again, mega lazy and we did not play, but enjoyed our coffee and our walk surrounded by the (still) green area. Autumn came super late this year and we made the most out of it. It’s quite pretty and sort of virgin and raw even if it has a long history behind.

I am pretty excited to spend such a long warm autumn and then soon step into summer in India.

Fête de Breaza

We were lucky enough to arrive in Breaza at the best time. They were celebrating a full weekend: The Days of Breaza or Fête of Breaza as we would call it in French. A very typical city/village festivity, where tons of merchants bring out the best of what they have: the best and most diverse food (tons of meat in this situation), pots and various types of household items, clothes, music and even a fun fair park. We got to spend a whole night surrounded by very familiar smells to me, joyful people and different music every three steps you did. What more can I say? I love the Romania I know and grew up with! Hope you can get a glimpse of the craziness during the night.




As you can probably see, we love richness and we love to display and tempt others with it. After so many years of suppression, I don’t condemn Romanians for trying to catch up with so many years lost.

Romania is beautiful and colorful and now I have almost revisited all sides of it since I left Romania. Next stop: The Danube.


Photos by moi and Dan with the iPhone.

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