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To continue the story about my fall travelling in Romania and almost finish it, I will briefly mention Brasov. I have already shown you the hotel where we stayed at and bits of pieces of the area. You have also seen how mixed the trip was and with all the back and forth and the return to the same place. So this is the last piece of information from the trip, before ending back in Bucharest where I got to visit another beautiful sight.

Brasov is the most famous mountain city in Romania, as it is at the base of the most famous mountains and it is also a very popular city for various events and festival, for its skiing and pretty good restaurants. We did not really visit the city this time but it has brought back a lot of memories from my childhood and the times when I was coming here on various skiing camps and has so much fun.

So we stopped on the most touristic place with a great view over the city and took some pics. And yes, I promise to comb my hair more often next time. Well what can I say, it as very very windy! This place reminds me a bit of Switzerland and its mountains. I guess this is why Switzerland feels so much like home. 

The face of a happy person eating Kürtőskalács. 

I enjoyed the few days I spent here, the food and the forests. The forests are amazing and skiing in the forest is the best. I could never get this feeling anywhere in Switzerland. I will definitely try to spend some more time visiting Romania in the future and hope to show you all its beauty. Many people start telling me that they visit or want to visit Romania and it makes me so happy to see that soon it will become a destination point for more of the people.

Until then, I invite you to see follow my blog and see how pretty it is and decide for yourselves if you want to visit Romania.


Photos by Dan Gheorghe with the iPhone

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